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Welcome to Aaron's Travel Page
**Last Updated on March 20, 2001**

This is a web site I am creating due to an interest in Travel, Aviation and World Geography.  Here I will give information about places to visit around the world that fascinate me (and hopefully you as well), sample itineraries, and information about the aircraft and airline.  The majority of these trips originate from my home airport, Los Angeles International (LAX).  After each itinerary I will give links to other sites relating to the trip, including links to the aircraft production company's web site (ie Boeing, Airbus, Fokker, British Aerospace etc.), the airline itself's web site, and good travel web sites that if you indeed wish to book the trip or a trip similar to it (travelocity, expedia and UAL travel reservations) I hope that this web site is in some way helpful to finding the perfect travel experience in one way or another.  Also note that these travel dates were quite random and if you actually use these trips I would suggest that you change the dates which is perfectly logical, only try to keep the flight on the same days of  the week as listed because of the fact that flights to not operate every day.

Hey remember everyone, who actually visits this site, I put this site up because I'm into travel and airlines.  I guess you could say I'm a travel agent wannabe.  If you have a question about a trip you want to go on, please ask my opinion.  I'd really love to help.  Please e-mail me with any questions about flights to take, seating on a plane, what airline to take etc...  My email address is

Try to figure out these new Trivia questions....

From which of the following cities is there currently non-stop service to Sydney, Aust.
a) Santiago, Chile b) Buenos Aires, Argentina c)Johannesburg, S. Africa d)Seoul, Korea e) London, UK

Which 2 Middle Eastern airlines recently submitted orders for the Airbus 380 Superjumbo?

Which has recieved more orders: The Airbus 380 or the upcomming Boeing 747X?

What is the oldest airline in North America?

a) Air Canada b) Delta c) Mexicana d) United e) American

Please send me e-mail & answers at:

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This sight was designed entirely by Aaron (me) and (incase you care) using Trellix Web.  Note the photo at the top of this page is an Air India Boeing 747-400 taken from and photo credit goes to Mark Garfinkel.