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Boeing 747

Above shown is the jumbo jet, the 747-400 megatop, the largest passenger plane in existence.  This plane holds 413 people in a typical 3 class configuration and can go up to 8,430 miles.  Some major operators of this plane are United, Northwest, Lufthansa, British Airways, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Thai Air, Singapore Airlines (above), Qantas and Air New Zealand.  The largest user of this aircraft is Singapore Airlines.  This is one of the few aircraft where sleeper seats (seats that recline 180 degrees that makes a full flat bed).  Other aircraft in which sleeper seats have been added to include the 777, 767 (Only on British Airways), Airbus 300-600 (on Lufthansa only) Airbus 310 (on Singapore Airlines only) and the Airbus 340.  The above photo was taken from and the photo credit goes to Y.K. Cumins NG.