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South America's Best
Bem Venido, Bienvenidos, this is the best of Latin America.  Well anyways 4 places that I want to visit.  Rio de Janiero, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.  Varig you can accrue miles with Star-Alliance and Aerolineas Argentinas with One-World members American Airlines and Iberia.  Also note that there are three different airports in Iguassu Falls.  1 on the Brazil side, 1 on the Argentine side and one in a city about 10 miles away in Paraguay called Ciudad del Este (not a very friendly place from what I've read).  So the Varig flight and the Aerolineas Argentinas flights are out of different airports.  There are shuttles across the border, don't worry.

Flight: United Airlines flight 733 on a Boeing 767-300 Jet
From: Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
To: Miami, FL (MIA) 10:16pm
    Connecting To...
Flight: United Airlines flight 991 on a Boeing 767-300 Jet
From: Miami, FL (MIA) 11:50pm
To: Rio De Janeiro, Braz (GIG) 11:20am (Next Day)
(5-6 Days in Rio)

Flight: Varig Airlines flight 2251 on a Boeing 737-300 Jet 1 45 min Stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil
From: Rio De Janeiro, Braz (GIG) 11:15am
To: Iguassu Falls, Brazi (IGU) 2:35pm
(2-3 Days @ Iguassu Falls)

Flight: Aerolineas Argentinas flight 1723 on a Boeing 737-300 Jet
From: Iguazu, Argentina (IGR) 12:55pm
To: Newbery-Buenos, Argentina (AEP) 2:45pm
(4-5 days in Buenos Aires)

Flight: Aerolineas Argentinas flight 1450 on a McDonnell Douglas MD88 Jet
From: Pistarini-Bueno, Arg (EZE) 9:40am
To: Santiago Scl, Chile (SCL) 11:55am
(3 Days in Santiago)

Flight: United Airlines flight 996 on a Boeing 767-300 Jet
From: Santiago Scl, Chile (SCL) 10:00pm
To: Miami, FL (MIA) 4:30am (Next Day)
        Connecting To...
Flight: United Airlines flight 732 on a Boeing 757-200 Jet
From: Miami, FL (MIA) 6:40am
To: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) 9:26am

NOTE: There are direct flights from LA-Rio (with a stop in Sao Paulo) on Varig and from Santiago-LA (with a stop in Lima) on Lan Chile.  However, this trip is more cost effective.