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Bali, Bangkok and Singapore
Here's my newest invention,  A trip to see the paradise of Asia, and two of South-East Asia's most intersting cities (well at least in my opinion).  Stickin' with our buddies at Star-Alliance on this one, but you could do the same thing with One World member Cathay Pacific and just fly Garuda Indonesia on the flights to and from Bali.  Or just go to Bali on Cathay. I didn't put dates so I put in suggested times to spend in the city, but it's your trip, so do it however you'd like to. Here it is...

Flight: United Airlines flight 1 on a Boeing 747 Jet
From: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) 11:50am
To: Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKG) 7:20pm (Next Day)
        Connecting To...
Flight: Thai Int'l flight 607 on a Boeing 747-400 Jet
From: Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKG) 8:45pm
To: Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) 10:30pm
(Spend 3 Days in Bangkok)

Flight: Thai Int'l flight 431 on a Airbus 330-300 Jet
From: Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) 8:40am
To: Denpasar/Bali, Indonesia (DPS)1:45pm
(Spend 5-7 days in Bali)

Flight: Singapore Airlines flight 147 on a Airbus 310-300 Jet
From: Denpasar/Bali, Indon (DPS)
To: Singapore, Singapore (SIN) 7:50pm
(Spend 3 Days in Singapore)

Flight: Singapore Airlines flight 870 on a Boeing 777-200 Jet
From: Singapore, Singapore (SIN)
To: Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKG) 11:05am (Note Flight only opperates Mo,Thur & Sat)
    Connecting To...
Flight: United Airlines flight 2 on a Boeing 747-400 Jet
From: Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKG)
To: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) 8:40am (Same Day)