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My Photos 2

This is an American Airlines MD-82 @ Chicago O'Hare airport on August 30, 2000.

Here are a few planes.  We have an Air New Zealand 747-400 in the background.  We can see part of an American Airlines 767-200.  Two Alaska Airlines MD-80s and the tail of a Horizon Air Fokker F-28.  This was taken @ Los Angeles Int'l airport on July 29, 2000.

This photo was taken on July 29, 2000 at Los Angeles Int'l Airport.  Here we see an Alaska Airlines MD-80 and the tails of  Air France 777-200s and British Airways 747-400.

This is an Asiana Airlines 747-400.  It was taken @ LAX on August 29, 2000.  It came strait from Seoul, South Korea.

The Palm trees must give this away that it is @ LAX.  We have a British Airways 747-400 next to an Air France 777-200.  Taken 7-29-00.

This here is a Horizon Fokker F-28.  It is parked at terminal five at LAX.  It's recentlyarrived from Boise, Idahoe.  Parked next to it is an Alaska Airlines MD-80.

Here is a Japan Airlines (JAL) 747-400 parked @ LAX's Tom Bradley International terminal.  It is parked next to yet another JAL 744.  A Qantas 747-400 tail can be seen in the background.  This photo was taken on July 29, 2000.

This is a sort of interesting pic taken at LAX on 9-29-00.  The tails of 747-400s, three of which belonging to the three Asian members of Star-Alliance: (from front to back) Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and ANA (All Nippon).  There is also a JAL 747-400 that was shown earlier.