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Star-Alliance is an airline alliance including 15 of some of the worlds largest, most luxurious, and most modern airlines.  It started in 1997 with United Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Thai Air International and Scandinavian Air Service (SAS).  Now as of the summer 2000 their are fifteen members total.  The other ten include, Mexicana, Varig Brasil, British Midland, Austrian Airlines, Lauda Air, Tyrolean Airlines, All Nippon Air (ANA), Singapore Airlines, Ansett Australia and Air New Zealand.  Star-Alliance serves over 815 destinations in over 130 countries, from large metropolis' like Tokyo and New York, to exotic get aways such as Kathmandu, Nepal and Denpasar (Bali),Indonesia.  You can choose which airline frequent flyer account you wish to use and every time you fly any Star-Alliance airline you will receive mileage to the airline of your choice so that you may get to the elite status of that airline.  Also if you are a Star-Alliance gold member you get premier seating, baggage handling, and access to one any of Star-Alliance's more than 300 lounges worldwide, also available to First and Business class passengers.  For example if you take a United flight from Chicago to Dusseldorf, Germany and are a Gold member or are traveling in an elite class you may have access to Lufthansa's Senator lounge at the airport after you land.  Day by day the advantages keep coming as to this alliances growth and success. Visit Star-Alliance on the web @